Sunday, May 8, 2011

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  • bboucher790
    Apr 4, 11:53 AM
    The guard didn't use a gun, it was Apple's unreleased iShotYouInTheFace. They're now using it to protect their stores.

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  • spicyapple
    Sep 19, 04:10 PM
    Frame size is bigger but its also interlaced, so in truth its 720x240 every other frame, once its deinterlaced, the picture can get close to the original, but not as good as pure progressive scan.
    Erm... that is wrong. All major Hollywood DVDs are encoded as progressive full frames at 23.976fps. The interlacing you are seeing is the result of adding pulldown frames to pad it out to 29.97 interlaced for NTSC. And since they are encoded anamorphically, it uses the full 720x480 and depending on your output display, either gets letterboxed or stretched wide on a real 16:9 HDTV.

    Are iTS movies letterboxed? If so, then the quality of iTS movies is closer to 640x360.

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  • ngenerator
    Mar 23, 05:10 PM
    Always one in a bunch who brings up a personal experience to shock people into shutting up. My sister was eaten by a hyena. No hyena jokes please.

    Heyooo! Besides, murder is premeditated. It's called homicide otherwise.

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  • fetchmebeers
    Sep 12, 03:15 PM
    I am so glad that I didnt sell my ipod. I would really be kicking myself if I had of jumped the gun....taking a hit on the price plus having to pony up money to essentially buy back the same ipod.

    *whew wipes sweat


    i'm well content that apple couldn't have come up with anything OUT OF this league

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  • cube
    Apr 14, 12:42 PM
    What about the MacBook and MacBook Air?

    Not real Macs.

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  • RealaT
    Apr 28, 04:00 PM
    Microsoft is still doing very well. They're making the best products they ever have done and as a customer I am very pleased with all of my Microsoft purchases.

    - Zune desktop software
    - Zune hardware and mobile software
    - Windows Phone 7
    - Windows 7
    - Office 2010
    - Office 2011 for Mac
    - Xbox 360
    - Xbox Live

    All great products and deserve to be class leaders if they are not already. I can't think of another company (including Apple) that has put out such a fantastic range of very good products.

    Where did you buy Zune hardware in the UK? And since we didn't even get the Zune subscription service until September 2010 it can't have been much use to you!

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  • nagromme
    Oct 12, 02:09 PM
    A lot of charity products COST more--you are simply making a donation yourself--but apparently this is Apple making the donation at no cost to you?

    Plus, a red aluminum iPod nano with iPod mini styling is pretty much my dream iPod.

    In that case, I was wondering why the 25% negative votes?

    I will make a blind guess without reading the thread. "The team who designed the red color should have been working on a Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro instead, stupid Apple :mad: "

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  • YEMandy
    Sep 12, 03:47 PM
    Only on UNOPENED product. If you've opened it, you gotta pony up 10% restocking fee, if you bought from apple. They will refund money if there is a price drop in that timeframe, though.

    Doesn't matter if it has been opened. I bought an iMac right before the new ones came out, it was bto with the upc cut out and sent in for the free iPod offer. They gave a FULL refund with no restocking fee, even I made sure they knew it was opened with the upc cut off. This policy is different than their normal return policy.

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  • Vegasman
    Mar 30, 01:09 PM
    The real question is why MS is so bothered about Apple using 'App Store'. Historically MS (almost) never used the word App, instead using the word Programs. Surely MS can come up with many alternatives that describe their own store equally well, if not better. Why fight with Apple over this? I can only conclude that it is to spite Apple, or to ride Apple's coat tails yet again.
    Even if MS is right, logically, linguistically, I find their attitude over this rather puerile. PR-wise it says to me "Apple, if we can't imitate you, we'll sue you"
    MS sinks lower in my opinion by the day.

    They are bothered because they want to be able to describe their app store. They want to be able to say:

    "We have this thing called Marketplace. What is it? Well, it's a place where you can by apps. Think of it as a grocery store for apps. You know, an app store."

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  • weitzner
    Oct 27, 08:09 PM
    When the day comes that holographic screens make it to the market...maybe the green lust will be satiated and all will be well..unless the projector for holograms is a candy-coated ball of lead, powered by the liver of an infant.

    well what else CLOULD it be?

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  • JAT
    Mar 23, 04:38 PM
    Miles you make a great point... You also confirm that Apple better pull them, its a pointless app because if your so drunk then you can't operate a phone let alone an app.
    The legal limit is not so high that you have to actually be wasted to measure at illegal. I could see these being quite popular apps.
    Here in Sweden, the Police says that their goal is to increase safety, not catch people. I'd rather have a drunk driver stay at home because of an app warning of a checkpoint than get in the car and get caught.
    So, people get drunk at home, then drive? I would've thought most driving drunk were out and are returning home.

    I don't think cops here even do this. I take it a checkpoint stops all cars? I've never seen that in my decades in MN. We have frequent notices (last one was on 3/17) on our highway info signs that say "Increased DUI patrol" or similar, no actual checkpoints.

    Oh, and, this sounds like something Apple will agree to pull. I can't even decide which side I'm on. As I said, not relevant in MN, and not relevant to me personally, not too into alcohol.

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  • brepublican
    Aug 23, 07:13 PM
    WOW. And I thought hell froze over when bootcamp was introduced...
    There is nothing unusual with this move, I dont know why it keeps coming up. In fact, its strategic on Creative's part to include it in the settlement. They make good headphones and speakers, and if affixing a 'Made for iPod' tag on them increases revenue, they have nothing to lose. Total profit

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  • cube
    Apr 23, 01:47 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Aren't intel in the process on implementing Open CL?

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  • dongmin
    Sep 4, 09:28 PM
    There may be lots of TV options out there, but right now Apple isn't servicing any of them. They're losing potential business to 3rd Party companies like Elgato. If they released a simple box with analog/digital standard/hidef options, they would be servicing the overwhelming majority of the market (most digital, satelite and other special services require set-top boxes anyway).I don't see anything wrong with letting Third Party developers pick up the slack where Apple is not delivering. EyeTV is a pretty good product for people who want PVR fundationality on their Macs. Sure, it'd be great if Apple did something innovative in this arena, but for a simple PVR, EyeTV does the job.

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  • Cougarcat
    Sep 14, 08:08 AM
    Wow, Steve wasn't kidding when he said "see you soon." Apple is on a roll...

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  • justflie
    Sep 12, 03:22 PM
    The real question is when will the true video ipod be released? Christmas?

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  • dolph0291
    Mar 30, 01:11 PM
    Interesting. Microsoft calls these files "Programs" and always has. Nothing called an application exists in Windows, it only has programs. Seems maybe MS is a little late to this game, and they're gonna piss all over it for everyone else.

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  • Balli
    Sep 5, 06:59 AM
    If they release MacBook Pros, I wonder if the top end models will come with a Blu-ray option. I know people have dismissed this before but I just noticed that Sony has released "The world's first Blu-Ray disc enabled notebook." Will the 17" MBP be next?


    I guarantee that Apple will choose to put in a hybrid HD-DVD / Blue-Ray drive, rather that limit the Mac to one format... (even though they are supporters of Blue-Ray).

    Also it might be a while before Apple's engineering team figures out how to fit the newly released drives into the thin MacBook pros.

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  • harry20larry
    Apr 11, 04:21 AM
    Been wanting this for a while. I have a windows PC just doing nothing, if I can turn it into an Airport Express like device, can have music going throughout the house.

    Sep 13, 10:52 PM
    Two things

    1) it seems like people are overexagerating with the "having to slide the clickwheel up to call anyone" thing. Everyone I know uses a contact list almost exclusively, something which could very easily be incorporated into the standard ipod interface (already is sort of). Calling the odd number i'd be fine with sliding it up. Perhaps they could introduce some really innovative contact list stuff software wise to make it even less necessary to "dial" people.

    2) Maybe all the touchscreen stuff we think is for the video ipod is really for the phone and the dialpad and clickwheel both use a touch sensitive thing to work.

    Mar 22, 02:04 PM
    well, i guess its time to start thinking about selling my mid 2010 2.93 27" :rolleyes:

    Oct 12, 12:43 PM
    there is no way apple would make a product release on a pre recorded program with an audiance. Thanks to the internet the release would no longer be a surprise!

    Aug 31, 07:00 PM
    My crazy/he's hitting the rock again call of the day would be that on the 12th, Steve shocks the world with a redefinition of the whole mobile phone experience. Announcing the new iPod phone.

    Where's my pipe?

    Hey, you may be on to something there... I was about to buy a Nokia 1100 for €25 (w00t! :D ), but I think I'll just postpone that purchase. I'd gladly get rid of my 1GB Shuffle, as I already carry my cell phone with me at all times (yes, I take both with me even to the beach!).

    The only downside to having an Apple cell phone is that it would attract muggers too much for my taste... But hey, I already carry my 60GB 5G iPod with me frequently, and besides, I wouldn't throw away my craptacular vintage Siemens A52 anyway (it could still serve me as a backup for nightlife ;) ).

    Yeah, you could say that sometimes, I'm a sucker for monochrome stuff. If it wasn't for its meager HD, I'd have kept my oh-so-gorgeous 20GB 3G iPod with its 12pt Chicago typeface :) . And both the classic Nokia's and Siemens' interfaces, while not as intuitive as most of Apple's stuff, are not that shabby either...

    Aug 24, 02:59 AM
    What about their audio cards?

    I still wish they made them for Apple. Looks like they might! Awesome!!!
    New rumor!

    What about their audio cards?

    OMO. They are still the best sound cards for PC today.:) Non Pro audio that is.