Saturday, May 7, 2011

Buenos Aires Fashion Week

The first Buenos Aires Fashion Week was held in March 2011 in association with IMG Fashion and Mercedes Benz. The Buenos Aires city government want to showcase local talent and establish itself as a major fashion player.

Designers included:

Marcelo Senra - an Argentinean native known for her ethnic and tribal designs who also showed at Mercedes Benz
Fashion Week in New York.

Daniela Sartori - a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires,
she works with organic material and specialises in tailoring.
Her clothes are unisex.

Min Agostini - studied architecture at University and uses features of that in her designs. She is known for designing short skirts with lots of volume, dresses and urban coats. She also showed at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Fabian Zitta - a former doctor who studied design at the University of Buenos Aires. He is inspired by Art Deco and his collections have many layers.

Marina Dappiano - works a lot with wool and her inspirations include pictures her daughter scribbled on the walls of the house!

Mariano Toledo - an Argentinean Designer who works on Latin America Project Runway. His collection included leather goods and jackets that are typical of his design. He appreciates a masculine style that highlights femininity with personality; mixing skirts, ties and transparent trousers.

The next Buenos Aires Fashion Week will be held later in the year as the city uses it as a platform to celebrate Argentinian fashion and improve its contribution to industry and the economy.