Sunday, May 8, 2011

bryan greenberg

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  • hobo.hopkins
    Apr 4, 12:10 PM
    Only in America.... Bad form unless it was in defence. How about non lethal take downs, fair courts and appropriate justice, such as jail with community service, get criminals doing something constructive for society and trying to get them back on track?

    The right to carry guns and to kill absolutely baffles me. Surely shooting and killing is a worser crime than stealing? The threat of being shot/killed sounds too authoritarian/totalitarian for me.

    I can't believe the mentality of people on these forums sometimes! Each to their own I guess... Democracy and all...

    It was in defence. And no one has the "right" to kill, it's a necessary evil that has to be allowed in certain instances. You'd have to be a dunce to not see that lethal force is sometimes required.

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  • technicolor
    Oct 12, 12:38 PM
    And all my classes are cancelled tomorrow, so I can stay home and watch Oprah. :D

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  • toddybody
    Apr 30, 07:34 PM
    That display isn't happening this time.

    Huh? Youre under the impression that it will have less resolution than before? :confused:

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  • PeterQVenkman
    Apr 15, 11:27 AM
    This is most unfortunate. Now that TB is a reality, it would be far better if Intel just kills USB 3.0 completely as fast as possible. There is absolutely no advantage whatsoever in having USB survive past 2.0 at this point.

    Sure there is. Higher speeds and backwards compatibility with older ports.

    With 3.0 barely entering the market, there is no value in letting it get a foothold.

    It's barely entered the market - on the mac. I'm rocking 6 usb 3 ports over here.

    This is most unfortunate. Now that TB is a reality, it would be far better if Intel just kills USB 3.0 completely as fast as possible. There is absolutely no advantage whatsoever in having USB survive past 2.0 at this point.

    Sure there is. Higher speeds and backwards compatibility with older ports with no adapters.

    It is pathetically obsolete compared to TB.

    Compared to devices which nobody has which are not compatible with anything else? Compared to a next gen connector that is on one line of apple only products?

    Thunderbolt is sweet, but nobody is using it yet and it is a unique connector. I smell another expensive adapter market coming...

    What is with the comments about wanting USB 3.0 on Macs? What a huge waste of time and money

    It's not expensive and whose time is it wasting? I mean other than people foaming at the mouth on forums.

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  • sth
    Apr 30, 04:23 PM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.
    Most people keep their machines for at least a couple of years, so it makes sense to have TB built in. Many companies have announced that they are looking into TB, and not just for external storage. The possibilities of TB are much broader than that. Think of it as having PCIe on a cable. You could, for example, give your iMac USB3 support if a company decides to build an USB3 host with a Thunderbolt port. Same for eSATA etc...

    Of course not much can be done right now, but you have to start somewhere to overcome the chicken/egg-problem.

    We'll probably see broader support for TB when PCs based on Ivy Bridge are hitting the market next year (Intel has said to include TB support directly in the chipset). At that time, most of the people waiting here will still be using their mid-2011 iMacs for quite a few years to come.

    Besides abolishing the ability of your graphics card, there are other interesting features of the processor. The hardware giant has confirmed that Sandy Bridge was designed with an integrated content protection to prevent piracy of high-end digital quality.
    Just because the hardware supports it, it doesn't mean the software has to use it, especially in Apple's case. They even had seperate TPM chips built into the first Intel Macs and never actually used them for anything.

    1- Matte screen option (Isn't there an aftermarket for this?)
    No, there isn't. Putting an anti-glare film on a glass panel is NOT the same as a matte screen.

    That's why I keep saying look for a redesign this Fall, just before or just after Lion is released.
    What sense would it make for Apple to update the iMac twice in such a rapid succession? If anything, Apple's hardware cycles are getting even longer, mostly around 10-12 months in recent years. And at least from Intel, there will be nothing new to put into these machines by that date.

    Lion is going to be released about a month after the new iMac, so if the redesign somehow really coincides with the release, it will probably happen right now.

    Please keep USB 2.0 and Firewire for a couple more years.....
    I don't think you have to worry about that for a long time.
    In addition, we'll probably even get native USB3 in next year's models.

    What's the deal with people wanting the matte version? Anyone care to explain the reasoning behind it to a noob like myself? Thanks in advance
    If you have a window behind you or bad ceiling lights, the glass screen is almost unusable because of the reflections.
    Matte screens do not have this problem because they diffuse the light.

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  • jose fuertes s.
    Sep 25, 11:31 AM
    i think LG's new phone is quite similar.

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  • mrblack927
    May 3, 01:55 PM
    Don't despair.

    An Apple Patent May Hint at a Mini Tower Desktop...

    Image (

    I would love that. And I know there are many others who have been asking for a consumer level headless mac desktop. However, I don't know if that contingent of people is big enough (read: lucrative enough) to sway apple's attention. :(

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  • 3N16MA
    Mar 30, 12:18 PM
    you mean macdonalds?

    No one refers to McDonald's as Burger Store. Their brand name is so strong that people actually say McDonald's because that logo and name is pretty much seared into everyone head.

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  • ImageWrangler
    Apr 19, 01:32 PM
    The phone's look is indeed very similar.

    Of course, Samsung's Android phone has many additional items such as their pulldown notification shade with built-in radio and orientation lock controls... which many people would love for Apple to copy.

    The tablet is a different matter, and doesn't have the same look.

    Wait, people actually still listen to actual radios?

    But seriously yeaaaahhhh not a huge wanted feature by the general populace.

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  • marshallbedsaul
    Jan 18, 11:26 PM
    Made a correction to the headline. It should be:
    McAfee faces obsolescence with increasing Apple popularity.


    lol I laughed and my co-workers looked at me funny
    back to spread sheets how funny can they be huh

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  • gekko513
    Aug 23, 05:27 PM
    What exactly was this patent for? Why doesn't it affect other players and music services besides iPod+iTunes?

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  • stainlessliquid
    Oct 27, 02:59 PM
    Considering that Apple doesnt make jack inside their computers, maybe they should be going after the other companies that provide Apple parts? I think that would embarass Apple more since I dont think Apple likes people to know that inside every Mac is abunch of PC parts.

    They could blame Apple for going with those companies, that would put pressure on Apple to switch to a greener company and would put pressure on those companies to be greener themselves so they please Apple.

    And yes a computer will never been totally environmentally friendly but people are managing to COMPLETELY miss the point of what they want. Other companies like Dell have stopped using parts that have certain very harmful "ingredients" since there are more than enough substitutes that work just as well and dont harm the environment. The only thing stopping other companies is cost and laziness, and considering the premium people pay on macs its actually rather absurd that Apple refuses to use environmentally friendly parts. They arent asking for the impossible and if it looks like they are singling out Apple then its because Apple is literally one of the last major companies to adopt a policy of not buying parts or recycle the things that contain these things. If Dell and pretty much every other major PC maker can use these parts and recycle then I would love to see someone try to explain why Apple is somehow incapable of doing the same. Its like if people bitched about cars polluting less but getting the same performance and having virtually the same price, do some people just like to screw the environemnt?

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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 17, 03:52 PM
    I notice that the items in those folder only have system with write privilege but I believe the folders themselves also have admin with write privileges.

    Many of those security sensitive folders in /Library just serve the same function as ~/Library but affect all users. Important items included in those folders by default, require system level privileges to modify so password authentication would be required to hijack those items. I also believe that items have to only be writeable by system if going to interact with system level processes due to unix DAC; I haven't confirmed this yet. Makes sense?
    Yes, it makes sense.

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  • shecky
    Sep 14, 08:16 AM
    announcing the C2D MBP alongside next rev of aperture seems to be a natural fit. i really want to keep beliveing that the new MBP will happen in september, and this seems like a perfect time for it.

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  • morespce54
    Apr 4, 12:10 PM
    Anybody responsible for guarding should have a gun. If the person isn't qualified to carry a gun, they he/she isn't qualified to guard anything and shouldn't be a guard.

    When you're exchanging gunfire with a criminal, the main goal is not to wound; it is to remove the threat to your life completely. Let's say the guard shoots the guy in the arm, the guy's going to be so pumped up on adrenaline that he's not going to even know he's shot, giving him plenty of opportunity to take another shot.

    Ask yourself this: If it were your life he was guarding, what would you want the guard to do?

    Maybe you're right, maybe not... I mean, I doubt the guys went in in Kevlar suit saying "we take the loot, not matter what. If someones try to stop us, we kill him". In a bank robbery maybe they would but I doubt they were ready to kill somebody only for a few iPads...

    But that's just me.

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  • extraextra
    Sep 26, 10:37 AM
    I'm surprised at all the Cingular hate here. At least in the D.C. area, the word is that they have the best coverage available - better than Verizon, who was the previous benchmark before the merger.

    Me too. I have Cingular and it works great. I mostly hear complaining from people who live outside of big metropolitan cities though, so maybe that's where all these people are from?

    Well, I checked Cingular's map ( and they seem to have fine coverage. Maybe everyone lives in Alaska. :p

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  • hayesk
    May 3, 07:13 PM
    I think I covered enough :)

    What you've covered is a mishmash of things that Apple did and tried to infer it was because of the iPhone. When in reality, not much except the bringing of some iOS features back into MacOS X (which I agree with even if I won't use them all) has anything to do with the iPhone.

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  • Freg3000
    Aug 23, 04:57 PM
    What I find most interesting is that fact the Creative is joining the Made for iPod program and will be producing its own iPod accessories.

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  • WildCowboy
    Aug 23, 06:47 PM
    I haven't seen if this is an exclusive license or not. If Apple got an exclusive license from Creative we could see some interesting times ahead for other MP3 player makers.

    It's not...the press release says that Apple can recoup some of the money if Creative is able to license the patent to other companies.

    Aug 24, 02:59 AM
    What about their audio cards?

    I still wish they made them for Apple. Looks like they might! Awesome!!!
    New rumor!

    What about their audio cards?

    OMO. They are still the best sound cards for PC today.:) Non Pro audio that is.

    Apr 4, 12:47 PM
    I often wondered what kind of people could find a homeowner who shot an armed intruder guilty of a crime or culpable in civil court. Having read many of the comments in this thread, now I know.

    Apr 11, 04:09 AM
    The AirPlay private key wasn't made public by Apple for the same reason the FairPlay private key wasn't-- having the private key essentially gives you access to an unencrypted stream of whatever content is encrypted by AirPlay.


    As you correctly highlight, the significance of this isn't that it enables others to implement 3rd party Airplay clients for innocent playback... it's that it allows Airplay-based software rippers to be constructed.

    Want an un-encrypted copy of that iTMS rental movie? Stream it to an airplay-ripper you've downloaded off the 'net, and it'll be re-compressed in non-DRM form for you to play back whenever you wish.

    This is the biggest worry for Apple. They can't raise lawsuits against free software apps hosted outside the US in the same way they could block the selling of non-licenced hardware in the US.

    Apr 30, 08:46 PM
    Maybe doom and gloom is just empowering for some folks. It seems short sighted to me.

    There's a difference between short-sightedness and having an educated opinion.

    Sep 5, 02:03 PM
    Good move but I bet its riddled with DRM:mad: