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  • MacCoaster
    Oct 13, 01:31 PM
    Originally posted by javajedi

    You are absolutely 110% correct. We've allready dismissed BackToTheMac's outlandish fallacies though :)

    I think he gets the picture now....
    Yup. Proven technology. I sure hope he gets the picture.

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  • UberMac
    Sep 12, 04:02 PM
    Anybody else a little suspicious of just "802.11"...I'm thinking it's got to be 802.11n otherwise they would specify extreme. (Which means new adapters for computers on existing technology)

    Also the small matter of the interface (which I love)...I reckon that's the "new" FrontRow interface we'll be gettign in Leopard which is nice to look forward to!


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  • r0k
    Apr 15, 07:30 AM
    0. "Get Info"on multiple items. WTF.

    1. Crazy mouse acceleration curve. Why there isn't be a simple config option for this under mouse controls I'll never understand.

    2. Trackpad acceleration. Why there isn't a simple option for absolute coordinates on the trackpad, so your finger position is mapped 1:1 to your position on screen, I'll also never understand. The trackpads are big enough. A corresponding area of equal size on a wacom digitizer is fine. ...but i need to lug around a wacom just so I don't have to chase my cursor all over the screen? Crazy.

    3. Finder. If I delete a file, don't kick me out of the whole folder and make me come back in and go through all the files again to get back to where I was in the file list. It's rude.

    4. Finder. Apple has all the pieces, now if they'd just put em together. Cascade thru folders in column view, and when your selection lands on files, display details. Let us see previews in coverflow. Like this:

    I really like #4. The whole cover flow thing in Finder seems like it's useless but merging cover flow with another view, now that's awesome. I tend to like one feature in windows explorer better than finder. I like the view where the entire folder structure is in the left pane and the current folder is in the right pane. Finder offers a column view that I never quite got used to. But one thing prevents me from even thinking about liking windows over OS X: Quick View. There is nothing like it on Windows. I know MS tried. They added some sort of thumbnail sort of a thing but they don't offer anything that I could use the word "quick" to describe. Meanwhile quick view on OS X and on iOS knows how to open the majority of files I use and care about. For this reason, even though I like your #4 suggestion, because we have quick view, the merged cover flow view is only a nice to have. Have you brought this suggestion up to the folks that make Pathfinder? I bet they would consider doing it. Of course once somebody is doing it on third party software, Apple is more likely to pick it up as a feature in future versions of OS X.

    I'm not sure I've ever noticed #s 1-3. I don't use a trackpad and leave it disabled. In fact, when my BT mouse batteries being replaced, the tired old trackpad on my Macbook misbehaves badly. For deletion I always right-click and pick "move to trash" and I'm not kicked out of finder at all. Every now and then I lose track of the mouse on my two monitor setup. OS X doesn't want to allow the mouse back onto my Macbook screen from the bottom of the external monitor. I have to go up and then right to get my cursor back. It's mildly annoying but I live with it.

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  • luminosity
    Mar 15, 01:39 AM
    Seems very serious to me:

    �It�s way past Three Mile Island already,� said Frank von Hippel, a physicist and professor at Princeton. �The biggest risk now is that the core really melts down and you have a steam explosion.�

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 22, 09:26 PM
    OP, to back up your hypothesis we would need real percentages of atheists in the MacRumors community and the community at large.

    Perhaps the anonymity afforded one on the internets affects how one answers (just like the 16 year old hottie is actually a 45 year old cop).
    Perhaps education/enlightenment, long considered the anathema of religion, is at play.
    Perhaps a younger demographic here is a factor.

    But first, is there a higher percentage of atheists here?

    What community at large are you referring to? The world? Some Americans may not be taking the international makeup of MR into consideration.

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  • MacFly123
    Mar 18, 02:50 PM
    I can maybe get behind the whole 'dishonest' thing, but... seriously. If I have an iphone and an ipad, and I decide to surf some sites or stream music through pandora on my ipad using tethering instead of doing those exact same actions on my phone, I'm now 'stealing' that data even though it would have been the exact same usage?

    I realize there are other scenarios you could bring up that would be more like 'taking advantage' of the system, but me personally- if I'm using the data in a way I feel is no different than I would be using with my phone, I don't have any bad conscience about it whether it's allowed or not.

    I thought I made clear in my post that this is simply double billing what is supposed to be an unlimited plan for many and I do NOT agree nor think it is ethical for the carriers to do this! But, when people sign a contract and agree to the terms doing otherwise is not being honest. Plain and simple.

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  • mixel
    Apr 9, 06:56 PM
    2011 called . . .

    The strength of Apple's hardware+software attracts the content. It isn't the other way around.
    But is it the right content?

    The sort of games that will make the iphone a legitimate threat to the competitors' products just aren't coming out in any sort of timely manner, if at all. So the devices will continue to cater to different parts of the market.. But if we want more "proper" games on iOS Apple have a hell of a lot of work to do.. They haven't set up a perfect platform for it yet.

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  • boncellis
    Jul 12, 06:16 PM
    The upcomming WWDC has everything to be the coolest, most agressive WWDC ever. If Apple is up to it, we are set to see the strongest Apple line up ever. And thats saying a bit, since the current lineup is already mighty all by itself

    I hope so, maybe we'll even see a slight MBP upgrade/speed bump. If not, I anticipate Apple referring to some new features of Leopard as well and that should get this crowd excited.

    Even if it turns out to just be the Mac Pro unveiled, that should tide folks over until MWSF--assuming the Paris Expo doesn't see anything new.

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  • Eddyisgreat
    May 2, 11:26 AM
    Wait wait so what do I need to do to prevent catching this nonsense?

    Oh, all I have to do is not install the app? Sounds good!

    LOL phew ok wake me up when something important happens. I want to see a conficker (for instance) type worm that only requires that your box to be on to infect. No user interaction, no dialog boxes, just good old fashioned exploitation.
    This is MORE kiddy garbage.

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  • Bill McEnaney
    Mar 26, 10:53 PM
    It was not a Latin sentence, so it was certainly meaningless in Latin. If you look up "sign", as a noun meaning signification, and instead choose the first person singular of the Latin verb meaning "sign a letter", you are not off to a very promising start. Cicero would be rolling in his grave.
    I know the difference between a sign and what it signifies. But even if a group of words doesn't form a sentence, that group differs from the proposition the writer is trying to state with it. That's why you can translate a sentence from one language to another language. If I'm only beginning to learn French, I may say something that may be ungrammatical literally meaningless. But my teacher or another expert in the French language may know what it is I'm trying to say with it. Skunk seems to be talking mostly about a signifier, the group of words, when I'm talking mostly about what Caocao intended to signify with it. When someone says something I don't understand, I'll ask the speaker or the to rephrase it. I just realized that I misspelled CaoCao's screen name. But I'm sure you guys knew whom the misspelled name stood for.

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  • JFreak
    Jul 13, 02:11 AM
    I agree that Apple will wait on the Blu-Ray drives. Apple did jump on the BR bandwagon to support the format, but without a standard, I doubt they will call off all other bets.

    Not so long ago Apple decided to include DVD-RAM drives into the Powermacs, so it's not impossible to think that they will soon release hardware with Blu-Ray.

    Apple has a history of picking standardized I/O. Apple invented firewire (or at least licenses out the technology) and included it once it was approved by the IEEE. The same thing with their Airport technology. Once the 802.11 were decided upon, Apple released that product.

    Apple and history? Well, you seem to forget all the proprietary niceties Apple has invented. Proprietary display connectors, proprietary mouse and keyboard busses, just to name few. Apple has only recently used same parts as the rest of the industry.

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  • 1tigerlivejob
    May 8, 01:12 AM
    there pretty reliable I had them for 5 years now

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  • danpass
    Mar 18, 01:47 PM
    If I was tethering I would already know and I already pay for the full data plan thankyouverymuch.

    Its not the price that bothers me ......... its the nickel and diming.

    Grandfather plan: unlimited but no tethering

    Now tethering is available but now its limited.

    *&^% :rolleyes:

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  • myamid
    Sep 12, 07:01 PM
    You guys all miss the point. The Desktop is the Media Center! All recording gets done there. It is then served to ANY TV, iPOD, Stereo in the house.

    Same way Windows Media and xBox 360 do it, only with a High Def slant.

    Actually I don't think many people are missing the point... Actually most of those who are so thrilled are missing the point that this is nothing new... It won't change anything or add anything that couldn't be done 2-3 years ago. IT IS a good idea, but IT IS NOT a new idea. It's an old idea recycled by Apple because it fits in their strategy - and plainly because Media Center PC generally suck at what they do...

    But to do what you kinda magically assume you'll be able to do, you'll have to buy a seperate tuner... And if you ask me, Apple is likely NOT to allow eyeTV content from being streamed (since it would inherently hurt their TV SHOW store...)

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  • Daveoc64
    Apr 15, 11:51 AM
    You know, it's pretty easy to see why some are tempted to just dig in and declare you to be an enemy to be fought at any price - after they extend an olive branch and people like you still come back accusing hate.

    I'm just saying that it's very simple:

    Someone who tells you, in the face of scientific evidence, that they believe who you are is wrong and that you should change can only be described as being hateful.

    Their intentions are irrelevant if they're telling you something that is proven to be harmful.

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  • paul4339
    Apr 28, 01:07 PM
    Well it doesn't matter what you think either then! :p

    And that's a stupid argument, I'm pretty sure 99% of people on this forum understood what I meant when I said, a computer shouldn't need a computer to be usable. :rolleyes:

    I could be wrong, but I don't think that was his point... I think he meant it doesn't matter if you think it should be part of the shipment market share report or not.

    That is, I think his point is even if it's not considered a computer, the report is just showing what people are buying (where the market is heading)

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  • drsmithy
    Sep 26, 12:23 AM
    So say I�m using my 8-core Mac Pro for CPU intensive digital audio recording. Would I be able to assign two cores the main program, two to virtual processing, two to auxiliary �re-wire� applications, and two to the general system? If so, I guess I need to hold out on my impending Mac Pro purchase!

    You can typically bind processes to specific cores. Some OSes have a concept of processor "pools" where you can group, say, 3 CPUs together and assign a certain group of processes to them, another 2 CPUs get a different set of processes, etc.

    Most of the time though (outside of benchmarks and corner cases) you're generally better off letting the OS's scheduler shuffle tasks around CPUs as it sees fit.

    OS X still has a ways to go with its multiprocessor support, however, so it might not do it as well as other platforms do yet.

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  • Bill McEnaney
    Apr 25, 01:27 AM
    Well, I am not 100% sure about the non-existence of any given deity, but when it comes to the cobbled-together fairy tale that Christians subscribe to, my certainty-of-BS level goes through the roof. (Jews and Muslims can readily be included as well.)
    There a different kinds of certainty: logical certainty and psychological certainty, say. Necessarily, 1 = 1 because 1 != 1 is a self-contradiction. A sound deductive argument proves conclusively that it's conclusion is true. If you affirm the premises of a sound deductive argument while you deny its conclusion, you contradict yourself.

    You can be certain, though not absolutely certain, that some scientific theory is true because all your evidence has confirmed it so far. But as I told everyone here, inductive arguments are always inconclusive when they support their conclusions. Although the conclusion may be true, there could always, notice, I say could always be a counter-example to it. A conclusion may be statistically probable enough that you would be unreasonable to doubt it. But probability, at least epistemic probability, is about how strongly an argument's premises support its conclusion if they do support it. Whether you're talking about epistemic probability, statistical probability, or both, some highly probable theories are still false. Given the available evidence, some true theories can be highly improbable. But objectively, a theory's statistical probability is either zero or else it's one. Regardless of degrees of confirmation an argument's conclusion is either true or false. It either conforms to reality or it doesn't conform to reality.

    There's merely psychological certainty, too. Imagine that my honorary brother Brian dies. Yes, he's a real person. You show me the death certificate. You show me his tombstone. I see o coroner's report Brian's picture on it. But I delude myself into believing that he's still living. I'm sure he's alive when he is, in fact, dead.

    Sydde, I'm sure you don't have merely psychological certainty, the kind of certainty I've described with my hypothetical example about Brian. I don't even know what kind of certainty you have about theistic beliefs you allude to. Yet, if you've misinterpreted some theistic belief, you may only think you're certain that the belief is false.

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  • FX120
    Mar 13, 02:09 PM
    It's hard to be a fan of anything on this planet that is capable of destroying the planet.

    Apr 6, 08:59 AM
    I am not a "switcher" per se, but I did spend 15 years using Microsoft OSes as my main OS from DOS all the way to Windows Vista. A lot of that time spent as a Windows evangelist. Today, all my Macs also run XP (for the 2006 iMac) or W7 for the newer boxes and I also own a Windows Home Server and a generic W7 desktop (though I specced it so it can run OS X via Kakewalk trivially should I ever want it to).

    OS X generally strikes a better balance for me than Windows. The default settings are good enough. I don't have a laundry list of things I have to tweak on a new system as I do on Windows. (Like making file extensions visible in Explorer).

    I came back to the Mac near the end of the PPC era. Vista was a miserable transition for me. My first upgrade went terribly and when I got it installed performance was atrocious. SP1 made that better. The fairly radical changes from XP about where settings were to be located, etc... also drove me to consider alternatives. If I have to learn all this stuff again, why don't I learn it on a Mac?

    Watching long term XP users when they first look at Vista or W7, I often see that same look of bewilderment as they have when they look at a Mac for the first time. Even though there is a lot that is the same, there is so much that seems fundamentally different.

    After years of custom building, tweaking and maintaining my computers, I finally had enough. I just want to use the darned thing, and Macs offer a tremendous out of box integrated experience. For me, iTunes was the gateway drug. When I finally gave in to letting iTunes be iTunes on my Windows box and let it manage my music, I realized how simple it could be. This led me to my first iPod and then to the iBook.

    The integrated hardware/software experience is a big part of the appeal of a Mac and all Apple products. You won't get this from a video or a post in a thread like this.

    I remember shocking my colleagues at work when we needed an 8 core box and I went to the Apple Store, walked out with a Mac Pro in less than 15 minutes, and had it fully functional with my MATLAB code utilizing all 8 cores in less than half an hour from unboxing. By that point our usual Dells would still be over in IT getting updates, tweaks, etc..

    I've replied to several of your threads, and have a request of you which I think is an important one in these questions.

    What do you DO with your Windows box. What applications are important to you? What is your typical workflow?

    This is a big one for seeing if a Mac will fit you or not and where you might find the biggest stumbling blocks.


    Oct 8, 07:11 AM
    As for the prediction of Android surpassing iPhone's market share -- maybe, maybe not. But if it's going to do that, it'll have to suddenly hit the 'wow' factor and also gain an international distribution, network, and support of some kind.

    I hear GOOG and VZN are in bed now but that seems U.S.-centric. To have any prayer of surpassing the iPhone, GOOG is going to have to hook up with a lot of other providers in other nations.

    They already have the major networks in Europe.

    The four major European networks, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, and Telefonica (O2), are all planning to launch handsets powered by the Android platform during the second half of 2009. (

    Oct 9, 12:56 PM
    Macs have again taken the lead in my opinion with OS X and the Dual 1.25.

    No one will ever change my mind. Call me a zealot, but that is what I think.

    I am in a critical thinking class, and we spend 3 hrs a day, 2 times a week talking about people who rationalize like BackToTheMac. "No one will ever change my mind"
    That is complete suppression of all the facts that are given to you. I think its a shame that you logically in your mind come to these conclusions. I bet you think Friday the 13th is dangerous, and you have lucky numbers huh :)

    Oct 31, 02:24 AM
    I've always found UBS2 HDs to be on average a little slower than FW400 but then FW800 kicks the **** out of it. If you needs the IO it's SATA through.

    Sep 12, 04:26 PM
    I'd like nothing better than to be able to dump Comcast completely, but without the ability to watch live sports, it's a no-go. If they start streaming games for a couple bucks, I'd definitely take a look at it.

    -- Any regular-season game from any sport = $1.99

    -- Any playoff game from any sport = $2.99

    -- NFL season pass (1 team, 16 games) = $30